Highways and Byways on our Fifth Summer Ride

Mixed Messages
Mixed Messages

We had a nice afternoon for our fifth summer ride – heading out to the 12 Apostles, Dumfries’ little-known stone circle just outside Newbridge. Once more we had  a group of seven for this slightly more adventurous ride. We started by heading out through Lincluden on the very fiddly route that runs alongside the A76 – an old-style cycle route that had us hopping about from shared pavement to side road and back again…

Once across the A76 we headed for the Irongray Road and down the hill to Newbridge. From there it was just a short pull uphill to get to the field entrance for the 12 Apostles.

Encouragingly, despite hunting around in the hedge by the road, we could barely find any litter, even near the gate by the road. It’s good to know that some ancient sites are respected by local visitors  … except those who use ancient monuments as impromptu bike racks.

bike at the 12 apostles

Or for group photos!

12 apostles group photo

As the group were up for it, we decided to explore a new route back and rode back up to the Irongray Road and over to the Hardthorn Road, which is a lovely route into town. From there, we could pick up the new cycle path (such an improvement on the older infrastructure) which took us back to the Maxwelltown Path. It is encouraging to know that things are improving for cycling in the area, even if by small degrees!

Our next ride is the Glen Road explorer – which has a little bit of a climb (but then a lovely long descent back down again). Join us at Dock Park for a 2pm start – and you can also check out some of the Nithraid fun before and after. Should be a grand day out!

Hardthorn Road



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