Exciting finds on our fourth summer ride

After a long spell of glorious weather, the inevitable happened and we were greeted with epic downpours and blowy weather on Saturday morning – but that didn’t put the dampeners on our fourth summer ride. Indeed, the rain had more or less stopped when 7 indomitable cyclists gathered at Dock Park car park ready to brave some more traditionally Scottish summer weather.

group photo
With a bit more planning we could have made a rainbow! A missed opportunity …

As Dumfries’ flagship cycle route, the Maxwelltown Cycle Path is always a pleasure to cycle on whatever the weather (except in winter when it’s prone to black ice – more gritting please!) so we made short work of the ride out, reaching the end of the path just as the latest shower stopped and the wind dropped.  For once, there wasn’t much litter to be found – perhaps there are already people out there litter picking on this part of the path? If so, chapeau! We did make one exciting discovery though …

As  we were so near, the conversation turned to the new hospital, its lack of bike parking and the new bike repair station there – so we decided to extend our ride a little and check it out for ourselves.

using the pump
Checking out the pump
Investigating the tool stand

There’s not only a pump, but a repair stand and some tools that can be used to do basic running repairs such as fixing a puncture. It’s good to know that it’s not just people who can get fixed at the hospital! And we’re assured that bike parking for visitors will be coming soon, so watch this space.

By this time the rain had come on again, so with no further delay we headed back into town in record time.

riders lined up

Our next ride will be out to the 12 Apostles which is always a favourite with the kids (and the pre-history buffs). The forecast looks better too so come along and see if we can make any more interesting discoveries!


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