Breaking new ground on our third summer ride

We’ve been doing our summer rides for over 5 years now, and – a few tweaks in the routes aside – pretty much stuck with the same programme of rides all that time. Some have become old favourites, but this year we decided to break new ground with a route out to Mavis Grove and back along the New Abbey road path. As well as a new route, it was nice also to welcome some new faces, with a baker’s dozen riders in total showing up (plus four lads who unofficially tagged along and seemed to appreciate being shown a new route).

At Mavis Grove
Reassembling at Mavis Grove

This is another short, and relatively easy ride (at least once you’ve worked out the route through the tangled streets of Troqueer but this year the riverside path was showing some serious signs of wear and tear:

neglected riverside path
There won’t be much left of this path at this rate

We’ve reported it approximately a million times, to no response, but at least the path hasn’t (yet) collapsed into the river, so we decided to go ahead with the route as planned, taking that section one at a time to avoid anyone losing a wheel in one of the developing sinkholes.

Heading down along the path

The other problem with the route is that the New Abbey Road path runs out just before you get to the residential side streets of Troqueer, which technically means rejoining the carriageway. We’re hopeful that work on the routes to the new hospital will sort this out eventually, but meanwhile we – cautiously – remained on the pavement until we could get off the main road.

Then it was a brief stop at the variously-named park next to the river (does anyone know what it’s officially called?) and our short treasure hunt, sorry, litter pick. Plus, of course, some home baking!

mavis grove litter pick

Our next ride will be along Dumfries’ flagship cycle route the Maxwelltown Path, a slightly longer (but nice and level) ‘out-and-back’ on almost entirely traffic-free paths. Join us for a 2pm start in Dock Park!



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