Family fun at Lincluden Abbey

After a quiet start on our first summer ride – things got a bit busier on Saturday, with a total of 18 riders heading off to Lincluden Abbey to explore the ruins

Group setting off

After the usual hassle of getting everyone through the Dock Park lights (we hear that the council have put in a bid to Sustrans to get these upgraded – fingers crossed!) it was more or less plain sailing along the Whitesands and over the “curly-wurly” bridge to Lincluden (a bit of a struggle when you’re small and haven’t quite worked out your gears …)

Group at Linclude

Despite a bit of broken glass, making litter picking somewhat hazardous, the group was having so much fun hunting down rubbish it was hard to get them to stop. But on the plus side, the ride then went past Jock’s Loaning so the resulting haul could be dropped off right away – that’s handy for you!

bikes at Lincluden

Lincluden Abbey can be a bit of a surprise even for people who know Dumfries well – and it’s nice to know we left it looking better than we found it!

The next ride is a new one for us – exploring down the other side of the Nith from the route we usually take, and the Mavis Grove path along the New Abbey Road. Meet at Dock Park on Saturday 21st July for a 2pm start.


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