May meeting

Apologies for the radio silence – April has been a busy month at a national level with the organisation of Pedal on Parliament so things have necessarily been quiet in Dumfries.

Pedal on Parliament
Mark Beaumont at the start of Pedal on Parliament this weekend in Edinburgh

However, it’s been another successful mass demo – including a few familiar Dumfries and Galloway faces among the crowd – and now our attention can turn towards the summer. Come and join us on Monday 7th May for our regular monthly meeting at the Riverside Bar in Dock Park at 6pm. There’s a lot to plan including:

  • A birding bike ride with WWT Caerlaverock for Bike Week on the 17th June
  • Our regular summer ride programme, with hopefully a couple of exciting new routes
  • Helping Buddies get their inclusive cycling hub up and running at the station.
  • A number of cake-related additional rides …

If any or all of those sound like something you’d like to get involved with, do come alone. And also, if you’d like to do more to further the cause of cycling (and walking) as transport in Dumfries – or have a burning issue you’d like us to take up on your behalf – then join us or get in touch.

four person bike
Fun in Dock Park in April at Buddies’ inclusive cycling day

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