Three reasons to bring your bike to the Fair …

Environment fair poster

With the winter we’ve been having, it’s safe to say the weather hasn’t always been conducive to cycling – but with the arrival of March, even the recent snow can’t disguise the fact that spring is in the air! The Environment Fair – this Saturday at the Rutheford McCowan building in the Crichton – is always a good reminder that winter won’t always be with us, and a chance to look forward to getting out and about more – and what better way to start the spring and summer as you mean to go on, than by cycling to the fair?

As an added inducement, here’s three reasons why you should be digging your bike out of the shed on Saturday:

  • Get it safety checked – and learn how to do it yourself

Gordon Burgess of Annandale Cycles will be at our stand ready to give your bike a quick health check and show you what to look out for when you’re checking your bike and others to make sure they’re safe to ride.

  • Join us for a lunchtime jaunt

Weather permitting, we’ll be running a nice social jaunt around the quiet roads of the Crichton at lunchtime during the fair – so if you’ve had enough fun at the stalls or just want a bit of fresh air, why not join us for a short pootle around this beautiful historic site?

  • Take a ride on our bike bus
Bike Bus poster
Our ‘bike bus’ timetable! Ride the whole way or join us en route for a relaxed ride in company to the Fair. Family friendly. Click for a bigger version

Need a bit of help getting yourself and your family to the Crichton by bike on back roads and cycle paths? Our free bike bus is just the ticket. Not an actual bus, but a scheduled ride you can join along the way, it’s the perfect start to your spring riding if you need a bit of encouragement to get back on the bike.  And if you’re coming from further afield than Dumfries  and need to drive you can still join in – throw the bikes in the car and park at Lochthorn or Cargenbridge ‘park and choose’ sites (the 500 and X74 bus services also take bikes).

However you travel, we’d love to see you at the fair – with or without your bike. Pop by our stand to say hello, find out more about what we do, and learn more about cycling in the town. Just don’t leave your bike pining away at home …


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