Going to the Fair? Take the “Bike Bus”!

Bike Bus poster
Our ‘bike bus’ timetable! Ride the whole way or join us en route for a relaxed ride in company to the Fair. Family friendly. Click for a bigger/ printable version

On Saturday 10th March it is the Environment Fail – the annual event showcasing all that is green and happening in our wonderful green and happening region. As always, we’ll have a stand ourselves (with the chance for you to learn how to give your bike a quick safety once over) and we’ll be offering a little social lunchtime ride around the Crichton, but this year we thought we’d also make it easier for people to get to the Fair by the most environmentally friendly means of transport (bar walking) there is!

Bikes run on bananas (or cake) and the odd drop of oil – so if you live within striking distance of either the Caledonian Cycleway or the Maxwelltown Path, here’s a great way to make your visit to the Environment Fair as green as it can be.

Our Bike ‘bus’ is basically a group ride (no actual bus is involved, sorry) – but it has a fixed schedule and “stops” so you can join it along the way if that’s more convenient to you. The poster on the right lists all the stops and the approximate times our bus ‘driver’ and ‘conductor’ will arrive (we might leave later but we won’t depart earlier than the advertised stops). The routes and the pace are family friendly – just like our summer rides – and make use of the cycle path network, avoiding all but the quietest streets (you can see the routes here if you want more detail).

Unlike real buses, there’s no fare – indeed, if you do take the bus you’ll even get a reward if you drop by the Cycling Dumfries stand at the fare on arrival.

All this is of course weather dependent – we hope the current snow and ice will be but a memory and spring will be properly on its way.


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