Last of the Winter Rides

With all the snow around just now it seems faintly unbelievable that it was only this last weekend that we were enjoying sunshine like this

group photo
Top of the climb between the Old Military road and Beeswing

Our ride to New Abbey might have felt cold – and there was certainly a biting east wind – but it did at least feel as if spring was just around the corner (there were even lambs in the fields down past New Abbey).

winter ride start

Eight of us turned out for the last of our scheduled rides – including 11-year-old Hannah and her dad, back for a second ride after her successful jaunt with us to Ae last year – and two e-bikes, which are proving increasingly popular in the region.

Avoiding traffic was our main priority so we took the scenic route up the old Glen Road, down to the Old Military Road, and then cutting down to Beeswing and the road down to New Abbey. This was a little longer than advertised, so it was well after 1:30 before we finally rolled into New Abbey where a table was waiting for us at the Cottage Tea Rooms.

A hearty lunch of soup, sandwiches, hot drinks and the odd cake soon revived anyone who was flagging – although our youngest participant did opt for a lift home at that point. We then took a more direct route home – diverting past Kirkconnel Flow to admire the view looking back over New Abbey (and avoid the fast traffic on the A710). Cutting up past Mabie Farm Park, we got onto the cycle path for the run back into Dumfries and a good 25+ mile round trip in total – not a bad day’s work at all for a Sunday in February.

New Abbey
Sheep in the foreground, Sweetheart Abbey in the haze

This was the last of our scheduled Winter Rides. Our next outing will be to the Environment Fair on Saturday 10th March – where we’ll be running a ‘bike bus’ up to the Crichton for those who wish to cycle there in company, and an easy lunchtime ride for anyone who wants to join us. We’ll also be doing bike health checks, so watch this space


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