Next Winter Ride – to New Abbey (and a bike bus)

Don’t forget that this Sunday is our final winter ride of the schedule, to New Abbey (and the New Abbey tearooms). As always, meet on the Whitesands at Devorgilla Bridge at 11 am. We’ll keep the pace gentle and we’ll be avoiding A roads as much as possible. The plan is to take the slightly more scenic route out via the Old Military Road and Beeswing (14 miles), and then return home via the Mabie Forest route using the off-road path along the A711 (c. 8 miles).

Sweetheart Abbey Nith Scotland Galloway Dumfries

That’s not the end of our planned rides however – we will be at the Environment Fair on Saturday 10 March and as well as offering easy paced rides around the Crichton for those who want them, we are planning to run a ‘bike bus’ to the Fair itself. That doesn’t mean an actual bus – but we’ll be leading scheduled rides to and from the Crichton along the cycle paths so that people who want to try riding there in company can join us at “stops” along the way.

More information coming up – but if you want to help by either “driving” or “conducting” one of these buses please let us know! There will be the usual home-baking shaped incentive to all those taking part …


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