Showing our Cycle Routes a little love for Valentine’s Day

If you’re out and about on the cycle paths around Dumfries – look out for this mysterious symbol popping up on the cycle paths…

#ILOH Insert Loved One Here
#ILOH – Insert Loved One Here

Last year we wrote about the Insert Loved One Here campaign that was highlighting poor cycling infrastructure that puts cyclists into danger. However we also want to celebrate the positive so we’ve joined with the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain and We Walk We Cycle We Vote for a Valentine’s day special celebrating the cycle paths we love too

ILOH - the Cuckoo Bridge
Cuckoo Bridge – better than the A75/A76 roundabout

Things like the Cuckoo Bridge mean cyclists can float up and over the A75/A76 roundabout without having to tackle three lanes of traffic.

ILOH - Maxwelltown Path
The Maxwelltown Path – safe, level enjoyable cycling

The Maxwelltown Path offers a stress-free route almost from the station to the new hospital – and it’s well lit, level, and a pleasant place to ride.

Loreburne Bridge #ILOH
Loreburne Bridge – you don’t miss it till it’s closed

The Loreburne Bridge and the KM Bridge offer traffic free routes across the Nith – we maybe don’t appreciate them until they’re closed for repairs – and then we realise what a key link they are to the cycling network.

We spend a lot of time complaining about stuff here on Cycling Dumfries because we are passionate about improving the cycle routes and we can see so many places where things could be better. But we’re happy to give praise where it’s due – and spread a little love too. We hope it brighten’s people’s day to see something as mundane, but as useful, as a cycle path given a little love.

If you’re worried – the #ILOH heart tags aren’t paint – it’s spray chalk and it’s environmentally friendly. It should wash cleanly off after a week or two of the weather we’ve been having. But we thought we’d take the time to celebrate the paths we love, and where we’re happy to see our loved ones ride

Where would you ‘insert loved one here’ in Dumfries?


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