Need more pulling power?

cycling dumfries trailer
Trailer for loan or rent …

As you may know, Cycling Dumfries has a bike trailer which we use for events – but it’s also available for loan to our members (for free) or to non-members for a small donation.  A bike trailer can make the difference between your bike being a fun way to get around to starting to be a serious replacement for some car journeys – especially if you’ve got an e-bike for that bit of extra oomph.

bike and trailer
Bike and trailer all set up

Cycling Dumfries member Viki is hoping that will be the case for her. She’s a recent convert to her e-bike, which she bought in August, and she’s been all but unstoppable since, but even with capacious panniers the weekly shop has defeated her. She lives a few miles out of town, but the e-bike’s assistance makes the 7 or so miles no problem, and she was keen to see if a trailer would make shopping by bike feasible.

So today we sorted out the trailer hitch onto her bike and hooked it up – the work of a few minutes. Once the hitch is in place, attaching the trailer is quick and easy, and there’s both a catch and a failsafe strap so your groceries don’t go sailing back down a hill in the unlikely event of the catch breaking.

Pulling a trailer can feel a little odd at first, but this one follows your bike faithfully, and although it looks substantial, it’s actually no wider than most handlebars, so if your bike fits through a gap, so too will the trailer. As a bonus, you get extra room on the road as you do look quite a bit wider than a standard bike.

Viki with e-bike and trailer
Ready to roll! Watch this space to find out how she gets on

Viki’s promised to report back on her first weekly shop – and if all goes well, she’ll be investing in a trailer of her own. But you don’t have to be looking to buy one – we’re happy to lend it out for one-off jobs or regular events. If you’d like to borrow a trailer to try just get in touch (cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com) and we’ll set the wheels in motion.



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