Next ride: out to Ae

With winter closing in, now is not the time to put the bike away – but to wrap up a bit warmer and start plotting which cafes will warm you up best on a nippy Sunday lunchtime.

Route out to Ae Forest (and cafe). Click for full route information

Ae Cafe, being in the middle of mountain biking mecca Ae Forest, knows a thing or two about hungry cyclists – so we  thought we’d give it a try for the first of our daytime winter rides. As Ae is almost exactly 10 miles from Dumfries (as the bike cycles anyway), it’s a good distance for those wanting to try out longer rides than we offer in the summer.

We’ll be meeting on Sunday 26th November at Devorgilla Bridge on the Whitesands at 11am, ready for an easy paced ride up to Ae, lunch, and then back to town in good time before the daylight starts to go.

We’ll be using the Caledonian Cycle Path (hopefully still clear of leaves after last weekend’s effort!) and then the very quiet rural road that forms NCN10, so it should be a safe and pleasant ride for everyone.

We tend to get a mixed group of abilities on our winter rides, with some faster folk and some slower. Depending on the group, we may split the ride into fast and slow (as long as the fast bunch promise not to eat everything before the slower riders arrive).

Hope to see you there!


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