Dawn raiders…


Despite the early start, our annual Bike Breakfast is one of the highlights of our cycling year – and this year’s was better than ever. Despite a sprinkling of rain, we had a record turnout of over 85 cyclists, and this year there were over 30 kids, including around 20 from St Michael’s primary school, who turned up en masse. This absolutely made our morning – it was great to see them arrive, looking full of confidence and skill. But there were others too, including some secondary school kids arriving independently, which is encouraging.

St Michaels pupils
Schoolkids arriving en masse from St. Michaels

The food – provided by the Usual Place – was as good as ever (as one participant remarked, you could smell the bacon from half way across town. Who needs posters, eh?) and we also had Fair Trade tea, coffee, juice, flapjacks and bananas.

Bike registering

Rhian was marking and registering bikes on the national Bike Register (invaluable if – heaven forbid – your bike is ever stolen), while Katie was our Dr. Bike, dealing with everything from flat tyres to maladjusted gear cables.

Dr Bike

It was also good to have a visit from the police, on their bikes of course, as they continue to rack up the Beat the Street points.

bike police

We also had good political support, with council leader Elaine Murray showing up on her bike, as did Jeff Leaver, while Ronnie Nicholson and Archie Dryborough were also there, as well as MSP Emma Harper. Douglas Kirkpatrick, SWestTrans Lead Officer, was also there to listen to complaints and suggestions about the cycle network, and managed to remain remarkable cheerful right to the end. Hopefully all the conversations were constructive – and we look forward to seeing what comes out of them over the next year.

Elaine Murray
Elaine Murray waiting for her tea to be poured

All in all, a great day – and worth all the hard work that goes into making it a success. Thanks go to our tireless volunteers for organising, publicising, chalking, flyering and getting it all set up. Thanks too to the council for making their forecourt available (even at the cost of prime parking spaces!), Sustrans for the loan of Katie and Rhian, the Usual Place for the grub and all of you who turned up and were such fantastic company.

Hands up all those who want us to do it again next year?

St Michaels kids





3 thoughts on “Dawn raiders…”

  1. Well done Sally and all the volunteers! It sounds like a really successful event – especially good to get all these cycling children along. I will definitely aim to come along/ help out next year.

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