Sweating the small stuff

Back in June we had a bit of a moan about the barriers to the new Aldi store off the Maxwelltown cycle path

chicane barriers on the Aldi path

Indeed, we didn’t just moan – we wrote to Aldi, and to the council, to see if they could be made more accessible by at least widening the gap between the barriers so that non-standard bikes such as trikes, tandems and hand cycles could also take advantage of the path up to the new shop.

Well glory be, it seems that someone has listened:

Lots of people have let us know about this – and we’ve had confirmation that a tandem can now get through, where it couldn’t before, so it has genuinely removed a barrier to cycling for those who can’t use a standard bike for whatever reason.

Whether it was our email or everyone else who contacted them, a sudden rush of common sense, or the fact that one of Aldi’s cycling specials is coming up (28th September) and they didn’t want to put off any of their likely customers, we don’t know. But it does show that it is worth raising these problems, large and small, whenever they arise. We’ll always do what we can to help draw attention to these sorts of barriers to cycling – and occasionally they may even get sorted out.

So thank you, whoever it was who sorted this out!


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