Hunting Beat Boxes …

Well that was a bit of fun!

Group at Kingholm Quay

Now where? Plotting our route to maximise our points 

We’ve been really impressed with the success of Beat the Street so far – and particularly to see so many people out on bikes, especially all the groups of children out on the cycle paths dashing between ‘beat boxes’.

We didn’t see why the kids should have all the fun, so we arranged to meet up before yesterday’s pub meeting and see just how many beat boxes we could manage to hit in an hour. Our members have been clocking up the points over the last week, but this seemed like a good way to give our total a boost (and see if we couldn’t catch up with the Police team …).

Our hunt took us to some new-to-us places in Dumfries, and it was good to see even more cyclists and pedestrians out and about although it did sometimes mean a queue to tap our cards

queue of cyclists

Queuing up to ‘tap in’

It also helped us find a few places where there were gaps in the network (especially getting up to the High Street – surely a pretty key destination for people to reach by bike!) which we’ll be adding to CycleScape.

Most importantly, we worked up a good thirst and after an hour we were ready to repair to the pub to make plans for the coming Bike Breakfast and other events. In total we managed 11 beat boxes in an hour – not bad going and hopefully inspiration for the remaining five weeks.

Has Beat the Street got you back on your bike, or encouraged you to use it more? Do share your stories with us if it has!


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