Beat the Street – by Bike!

Anyone who cycles (or indeed drives) in Dumfries knows that by far the fastest way to get around the town is on two wheels. And now, thanks to the Beat the Street game, we’re hoping to prove it! But we need your help.

If you’ve been out and about in Dumfries in recent days you might have noticed Beat the Street boxes appearing at key spots around the town – all part of an initiative to turn Dumfries into a giant outdoor game. You earn points by walking, cycling or running between these ‘beat boxes’, tapping as many as you can between the 30th August and 11th October – and points mean prizes. As well as individual prizes, people can also join forces and compete as a team, and that’s where you come in.

We need to sign up 15 people to join our ‘Cycling Dumfries‘ team if we’re to get on the leaderboard, which is a bit of a stretch for a small campaign like ourselves, but we’re confident that once we’ve got enough people the superior speed and reach of travelling by bike will surely give us a natural advantage.

beat the street card

Beat the Street card and map all ready to go…

Anyone can join in – all you need to do is grab a card (there are details of where you can get hold of them on the Beat the Street website), register it and – and this is the important part – make sure you join the Cycling Dumfries team when you do. Then, if you’re out and about, especially by bike, hunt down some of the beat boxes (you can find them on this map) and tap in. You have to tap at least two within the space of an hour for it to count – but as long as you keep moving, each subsequent box will help to rack up your points.

You can start as soon as this Wednesday – but to get our team off to a flying start, we thought we’d have a kick off ride. We’ll be meeting up before our regular monthly meetings, at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 5th September on the Whitesands, and spend an hour or so touring the town by bike looking for boxes. We can go in a group – or split up and see who can amass the most points in an hour.

We’ll have a few spare cards and maps to give out if you haven’t got your hands on them yet, and we’ll explain the rules if anyone’s still confused – but if you can get your card before then and sign up beforehand then even better.

All this means our next meeting will be a bit later than usual – depending on how long we spend beating the streets, we’ll probably reconvene at the Coach and Horses at 6:30 pm for the rest of the business.

Don’t forget also our Bike Breakfast is coming up on the 22nd September – and there’s a beat box right at the Council HQ on English Street where we hold it, so that will be another chance to rack up points along with your free breakfast. What more could you ask for?

Beat the Street map

Beat the Street – where will it take you?


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