Lucky for some on our penultimate summer ride

The Heathhall Forest ride is always a popular one, and this year was no exception, with thirteen of us turning out for a spin up the Caledonian Cycle Path and on into Heathhall Forest and the dirt track. We met at the end of the Whitesands as it was YouthBeatz in Dock Park (and we were happy to see that the pedestrian crossing lights have finally been repaired).

Pausing only to rescue an errant frog from the cycle track, we reached the forest in good time – and then the real business of the day started: finding out who could go fastest around the track.

trying the track

Setting off determined to beat her brother round the course …

This was by no means confined to the kids present either  – as our tail-ender Richard proved that it is amazing what you can do with a folding bike.

track trials

Richard putting his folder through its paces

The determination among some of the more competitive members of the group meant that several rounds of the track had to be completed before we were able to gather everyone in one place for the traditional group shot.

group photo

Fortunately, there were enough brownies to provide the energy for the ride back. Indeed, the short term sugar boost was enough that we were hard pressed to keep up with the kids on the ride back. It’s amazing how far you can go on a chocolate brownie…

Next weekend is our last summer ride, the traditional Mabie Forest expedition which is our longest and most challenging route. But once that’s over that won’t be all as we are already planning our September Bike Breakfast – and a few other chances for cyclists large and small to get out and about on two wheels. Watch this space.


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