Rain, what rain?

group photo at the start
Ready for the off!

10 intrepid riders gathered at Devorgilla Bridge yesterday, raring for the ride to Durisdeer, and hoping that the forecast for rain for the next few hours was unduly pessimistic on the part of the Met Office.

Needless to say, for once the forecast was bang on, and the less said about the rain the better (if only because every time someone said ‘well at least it’s not raining too hard’ it got wetter).

climbing up to Ae
Still cheery in the rain

That said, we were a cheery, if damp bunch, enduring both the sort of weather you only get in the height of a Scottish summer – but also the scenery, and the wonderful mostly empty roads that make cycling around here such a pleasure.

The scenery is always worth it …

The rain (and the resulting chill) was too much in the end for one rider, who sensibly opted for a hot bath instead, but nine made it as far as the church in Durisdeer, where we were very pleased for a chance to sit down, dry off, and make the most of the teas (and extra glad that we beat the minibus to it, so didn’t end up having to queue).

durisdeer tea
Enough cake for you? Not a crumb was left though, we’d certainly earned it…

At that point, our youngest participant bailed out, having not quite dressed for the weather, and got a lift home, but we were happy to be guided home by Tom Hanley of the CTC D&G group who had also ridden out with a small group for tea.

at tea at tea

All in all, it was a good ride, but it would have been better without the rain! As one participant suggested, ‘next time, let’s do it in the summer when the weather is better …’

As soon as we find out when that will be, we definitely will.

Thank you to the good people of Durisdeer for not minding being descended on by a dozen sodden cyclists!

More photos via John Henry on Instagram


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