Whirlygigs and hill climbs!

Despite a forecast of showers this afternoon, we actually had some nice sunny weather for our sixth ride – a jaunt up the Glen, to see how far up the hill some little legs could manage. With some stalwarts on holiday and the rival attractions of the Dumfries show, six of us showed up this time around

We had no bubble machine on our ride this Saturday – but we did have a whirlygig that Richard had picked up at the Dumfries Show

After negotiating the crossing at Dock Park (never that great at the best of times, the pedestrian light now doesn’t come on at all, so we had to cross against the lights. We’ve reported this twice now so hopefully it will get fixed before YouthBeatz), we had a pleasant ride down the Whitesands, and all the way along the Maxwelltown Path to the end where we took a breather and girded ourselves for the climb up the Glen

taking a break
Quick pitstop at the end of the path

This was our first chance to try out the relocated crossing of the Garroch on the other side of the roundabout. The sightlines are certainly improved

new Garroch crossing
Waiting to cross at the Garroch Loaning crossing

And if one of your party accidentally looks a bit like a police officer, it turns out the cars just stop for you to cross …

Garroch crossing
Richard put out his hand to warn the kids not to cross with such authority an oncoming car stopped instead! Perhaps that’s the answer?

Even so, coming back, it took a while before we could find a gap in the traffic as the road was busy with cars coming away from the show. It will be interesting to see how this crossing works when the hospital is up and running

coming up the hill
Coming up the hill to the first bench

Once on the Glen Road, and past the Kilnford traffic, we had a fairly quiet run up the hill, which even our youngest riders tackled with ease. Having stopped at the first bench to admire the view and sample a few ginger biscuits, we pressed on to another (new?) bench further up, and then on up to pretty much the top of the road. A good effort all round!

Then it was just a case of whizzing safely down and back the way we had come for a ride that ended up being a bit longer than the advertised eight miles. An excellent way of enjoying an unexpectedly sunny afternoon.

Tomorrow we’ll be tackling some rather longer hills on the Durisdeer Cake Raid – if you’re up for 49 miles then please do meet us at 11:45am at Devorgilla Bridge. And if you’d prefer something a little shorter and easier, our next summer ride is on the 12th as we run out to Heathhall Forest and the skills track, always a favourite with the kids.



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