Sneaking between showers …

There’s a question which is always uppermost in our minds on damp Saturdays in the summer: What if you held a bike ride and nobody came? After last week’s brilliant weather, today was looking distinctly dodgy, although the forecast was for it to stop raining for a crucial couple of hours between 2 and 4.

Bike in the rain

Waiting in Dock Park

Arriving at Dock Park, it wasn’t looking that hopeful, but lo and behold as 2pm rolled around, the rain did clear up – and the cyclists turned up too.  In the end, ten of us showed up to ride to the end of the Maxwelltown Path – not bad, given how gloomy it had looked this morning.

bubble maker

What better way to cheer up a grey afternoon than a bubble maker on the back of your bike?

The rain held off for the whole ride, which was otherwise fairly uneventful. Once on the path, it’s so smooth and level that it’s just a question of turning the pedals, watching out for dive-bombing seagulls (there was a gentleman warning us of airborne attacks but they kept away from the bikes) and chatting to your fellow cyclists as you go (I’m now much much more well informed about Pokemon than I was this morning)

Dabbing group shot

Dabbing. It’s a thing, apparently

Once at the end of the path, it was time to discover what was in the cake tin this afternoon (peanut butter cookies, with optional chocolate buttons), talk cycling for a bit, and assemble for the traditional group shot.

The official route had us returning back via the Park Road cycle path and Suspension Brae – but given the fun of negotiating crossing the Dalbeattie Road and the way the cycle path just ends as you need it most, we decided to return back the way we came.

Thank you to everyone who braved the rain to join us! Next week, we will be riding up the Caledonian Cycleway to see where it goes …




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