Cake Raid: Join us on an epic ride for cake …


Cakes for illustration only. Other cakes may be available…

Our summer rides are going from strength to strength – but we have had a few requests for a couple of longer rides over the summer and the Durisdeer Church afternoon teas seemed like the perfect opportunity to stretch our wings a little.

On Sunday 6th August we will be joining forces with the D&G CTC members group to find out if these teas really live up to their legendary reputation.

Durisdeer route

Route to Durisdeer – click for full details

This is going to be one of our longest rides – the route works out at 49 miles, with a fair few feet of climbing. However, we will be taking it at an easy pace AND there will, importantly, be a cracking cake stop in the middle. Meet at Devorgilla Bridge at 11:45 am, hoping to get there shortly after they start serving at 2pm (this implies a 10 mph average pace). Bring a fiver for your tea, and something to keep you going on the way as it will be a long ride (we may have a pitstop at Ae cafe if need be)

If that sounds too much, there is also a shorter alternative, starting at Thornhill, going via Drumlanrig and Morton Castle with the CTC  Discovery rides. Meet at Thornhill Cross at 1:15 for a 1:30 start. Tom Hanley will also be riding to Thornhill from Dumfries (also departing at 11:45) for anyone interested in that option.

There was also wild talk at last week’s meeting of a mountain bikers’ raiding party forming too – watch this space.

Any other cycling groups fancy joining us on an epic ride for cake?

If you’re planning on joining us, and you use Facebook, you can let us know here



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4 responses to “Cake Raid: Join us on an epic ride for cake …

  1. Laura

    I think Durisdeer Teas are on a Sunday! First one tomorrow 16th July….

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