Perfect weather for our second summer ride

Bikes at Lincluden Abbey

Some of the group enjoying the sunshine at Lincluden Abbey grounds

Well, we hoped for better weather than we got last year for our ride to Lincluden Abbey and there couldn’t have been a much greater contrast! We were blessed with perfect summer riding weather: sunny, but not too hot, with a fairly light breeze. Eleven of us gathered at Dock Park and we headed along the Whitesands, over the Loreburn Bridge and up to College Road to take the ‘curly wurly bridge’ over the bypass

curly wurly bridge

Coming off the spiral ramp of the bridge

Pausing briefly to admire the new dropped kerb we rejoined College Road for the final stretch to the ruins. As always, many of our participants had never visited it, despite having lived in Dumfries for years, so it was good to explore this hidden historical gem.

After a chance to relax, eat cupcakes and admire the ruins, we headed home via Jock’s Loaning and the Cuckoo Bridge. We even got to test out our new walkie-talkies in earnest after the tail end of the ride took a wee detour down the Maxwelltown Path on the way home and they worked a treat. Another grand day out, and thanks to all who came. The next ride will be exploring the Maxwelltown Path for real!

group photo

Assembled for the traditional group shot




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