A cracking start to summer

We couldn’t have wished for a better start to our summer than Saturday’s event – not just a massive turnout for our ride (around 24 of us) but a great showing for Buddies’ Bike Barbecue too.

tandem trike
We heard that the gentleman trying out this tandem trike was 100 years old. Clearly age is no barrier! Photo Jim Craig

Everyone we spoke to was impressed by the variety of cycles that were available these days – from the four seater quad bike (that can actually expand to add more segments!) to the tandem trikes and wheelchair bikes, hand cycles, recumbents and other options. There were plenty of people smitten by the e-bikes too, which offer a bit of a boost to anyone who needs it (or just has a horrible hill to climb or a long way to ride).

Four on a bike

Three organisations brought bikes to try – Blazing Saddles (FABB), Get Cycling and the Kilmarnock Cycle Station, all of whom were very generous in letting people have a go – and it was quite a sight to see so many people buzzing around the park on such a variety of wheels. Not to forget Gordon Burgess of Annandale Cycles who provided a popular Dr. Bike service – we can only hope this will mean fewer mechanicals during our rides this summer

ride start
Assembling at the start of the ride – photo Jim Craig

Our first ride didn’t offer quite such a variety of cycles but we were pleased to see so many people show up for our first ride – some familiar faces, and some new ones. Indeed we hadn’t printed enough of our challenge cards to go around!

leading out the peleton through Dock Park – photo Jim Craig

This is the shortest of our summer rides – just down to Kingholm Quay and over the Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bridge to the Robert Burns Centre where we had a biscuit or two. We were intending to come back over the suspension bridge but with such a big group to usher through the lights at Dock Park, we decided it was quicker to head back down to the KM Bridge and up through the park again to join in the rest of the barbecue fun.

Our next meeting is Tuesday at 6pm at the Coach and Horses as usual – please do come along to discuss future rides, accessible cycling, campaigning priorities and more.

Kirkpatrick Macmillan Bridge


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