“I had that Elaine Murray on the back of my tandem once”

We had a good afternoon at the Nith Inshore Rescue open day yesterday – we couldn’t really compete with the excitement of the Coastguard’s helicopter, but we did get the chance to take a few local politicians for a ride!

Elaine Murray on a tandem
Elaine Murray, council leader, taking a back seat for once

Both our new council leader, Labour’s Elaine Murray, and our SNP MSP Emma Harper were good enough sports to try out the tandem. Perhaps good practice for the coming SNP/Labour coalition ahead?

Emma Harper MSP
Emma Harper MSP setting off with Cycling Dumfries member John Rutherford

Not to be outdone, Tory MSP Oliver Mundell put in a very respectable time on the Brompton folding challenge.

Oliver Mundell
Oliver Mundell learning the finer points of Brompton wrangling

All in all it was a good chance to make some friendly connections with our local politicians, who were refreshingly ready to have a go at something and talk bikes with us. We’ll be following up more formally with the new administration – both Labour and the SNP have made strong promises about funding for cycling and walking in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, so we’re hopeful that this new enlightened approach will also make its way to Dumfries and Galloway.



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