It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas down at St Johns’ Church this afternoon as we went in to decorate our own Cycling Dumfries ‘Chain of Wishes‘ tree – alongside dozens of other local organisations and businesses.

Rhian hanging decorations

Rhian decorating the tree

Our tree was looking pretty bike-tastic with bike decorations, road signs, a red-ribbon cycle path topped off with a polished chainring star – and our paperchain of wishes.

wishes paperchain and bike decorations

All I want for Christmas is …

Thanks to the team for organising and decorating (and the loan of the lights), and special thanks to Cathy Gibb for the amazing little bike decorations which have attracted lots of admiring comments. Thanks too to everyone who came by last week and added a wish. Here’s hoping they all come true…

bike skid roadsign

Please do come by St John’s over the next few days to admire all the trees – there were some really splendid creations taking shape this afternoon – and to raise money for an excellent cause. You shouldn’t have any difficulty spotting our tree!

Christmas Tree Festival poster

Christmas tree festival 2nd-4th December.





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