Tell the council! Dumfries & Galloway using Cyclescape

Cyclescape screenshot

Cyclescape in action – click to sign up and add your own issues.

We’re still hoping for people to drop by at the Stove on Thursday (or contact us) and make a wish for Christmas – but now there’s a new way to let the council know where you’d like to see improvements to the cycle network. After a recommendation from us, they’ve announced on their website at they will be monitoring Cyclescape to learn about what people would like to see changed in the region and using it to set priorities, support funding applications and create a database of potential improvement schemes.

For those not familiar with Cyclescape, it’s a simple-to-use web tool that allows you to pinpoint a trouble area on the map (it could be a route, a point, or a whole area), describe what you’d like to see – and then create a discussion thread so that other users can join in, and prioritise changes.

We’ve started to use it in the last couple of months, adding some of the outstanding issues that we’ve identified over the years – but its real usefulness will come when we get more people using it because that way we can really see what’s important to people and find problems we aren’t even aware of.  After all, we’d hate for the council to think there wasn’t any demand for improvements …

So if there’s a problem on your commute – or something that’s stopping you from cycling where you’d like to – or that’s keeping your family from using bikes – don’t just fume about it! Get onto Cyclescape and let us and the council know!



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