Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with a Dalbeattie Run

We’re continuing to defy winter by celebrating the occasions that brighten the darker days and as we’re in Scotland that meant St. Andrew’s day was a must (or at least the Sunday nearest St Andrew’s Day, which is the 27th).

Route map

The full 40 mile route – click for details

Now we’ll admit that we had a hard time tying together St Andrew’s Day with any sort of themed ride, so we just decided to celebrate the local scenery and history with a run along the Old Military Road out towards Dalbeattie (which has the advantage over Loch Arthur of having cafes that are open on a Sunday) and then back – either the way we came, for an approximately 30 mile ride, or if the group are feeling up for it, back over the A75 and through Bridge of Urr, Kirkpatrick Durham and Crocketford for something a little under 40 miles.

Meet at Devorgilla Bridge on Sunday 27th November at 11 am. Saltires are optional; bikes, warm & waterproof clothing and money for lunch are not.




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3 responses to “Celebrate St Andrew’s Day with a Dalbeattie Run

  1. Steven Cussell

    Sounds great. Will check my diary and collection of Welsh flags. 🙂

  2. sallyhinchcliffe

    A whole variety of flags would be great!

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