A Christmas Wish?

Christmas Tree Festival poster

Come along and see all the trees – and find out about all the fantastic organisations doing good things in Dumfries and beyond

Cycling Dumfries will be taking part in the Christmas Tree Festival in St John’s Church on Newall Terrace this year – and we hope everyone will come along and see our tree and all the others and support the Aberour Childcare Trust. But we also want you to get involved by telling us what you would wish for to make Dumfries a healthier town, especially one where it’s easier to get about by bike or on foot.

need a cycle path Dumfries to Greenlea (Collin)

What would you wish for?

It might be a cycle path or a new crossing. It might be quieter streets or fewer potholes. It might be a tailwind on every cycle path and a cafe around every corner – let your imagination run free. Send us what you’d wish for by email (cyclingdumfries@gmail.com), tweet us, add it to our Facebook page, or write a comment here and we’ll make them into a colourful chain of wishes to add to our tree (which will also have amazing paper bicycles and even a cycle path or two).

We’ll also have a drop in session at the Stove cafe on Thursday 24th November where you can come any time between 10 and 4 and help create our chain yourself – as well as checking out the activities going on in the Stove. Or get your wishes to us by the end of November if you want them to be part of our chain.

We can’t promise to make them come true (especially not the tailwind part…)  – but we can pass the relevant ones on to the council. And we will continue to campaign for changes, large and small, every day, not just for Christmas.



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4 responses to “A Christmas Wish?

  1. Coda

    Ban traffic from (& fully pedestrianise) Whitesands, Irish Street (except for access to Loreburne Centre car park), Bank Street, Queen Street/English Street, Make people walk from car parks at Shakespeare Street, Morrisons, Mill Road, Glasgow Street, Dock Park etc. This would instantly change the atmosphere in Dumfries, figuratively and literally.

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