Lights out!

crossing lights out

Still no lights and no word when there will be lights

The pedestrian/bike traffic lights at the Cuckoo Bridge retail park have been out for over a week now. We’ve been in contact with the council to find out what’s going on – apparently it’s a ‘major fault’ and may take time to get fixed. We’ve asked about getting temporary lights, which apparently was under consideration. We will keep you posted & keep raising this as an issue.

Meanwhile a word of warning: we’ve noticed a couple times now that drivers have stopped to let pedestrians cross (which is very civil of them) but while one car is stopped, another car has come up on the other lane and gone over the crossing. This could be very dangerous if there’s someone crossing unwarily at the time.

So drivers – if you’re driving past Cuckoo Bridge retail park and you notice a car has stopped, please please please check there’s nobody on the crossing before you overtake them. A child would not necessarily be visible behind the waiting car.

And if you’re on foot or on a bike and someone is kind enough to let you cross, do please still cross with caution, unless both lanes are stopped.

It’s fantastic that drivers have the consideration to stop for pedestrians who might otherwise be stranded for a while – but it would be awful if this act of kindness leads to a tragedy.


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