Guest Post: Signs o’ the Times

We received this email from Gordon Burgess of Annandale Cycles in Moffat and just had to share (with Gordon’s permission)

Over the last 3 years I have countless cyclists/walkers dropping into my workshop saying they have been getting lost on National Cycle Route 10. I decided to cycle it over a year ago from Crooked Road Beattock to Ae and found it a bit disorientating with all the new tracks to the wind turbines, a bit like spaghetti junction.

I contacted Simon Phillips at Sustrans Scotland who was very helpful but said it was Forestry Commission who were responsible, they in turn said it was Scottish Renewables who said it was the contractors and then was told it was D&G council, hmmm! Anyway I arranged with Simon to send me the signage and I have signposted the 12 or so miles so no one should get lost now!!!

new signs

One of the newly installed signs

I’ve had good response from bikers so far and would like you to inform your members etc that the route is a great day out (some fairly tough climbs but no-one about to see you pushing your bike, lol). Pop into Moffat for a well earned bacon roll and back to Ae/Dumfries, great day out with beautiful scenery (road bikes NOT recommended) and guaranteed not to get lost!

We’re always delighted to hear about people in the area making life better for cyclists (and walkers and horse riders too …). Well done to Gordon for taking matters into his own hands. 



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2 responses to “Guest Post: Signs o’ the Times

  1. Steven Cussell

    Common sense prevails. It’ll never catch on! 😎

    Sent from Steve Cussell

  2. Nico

    Recently published data indicates that one bacon roll has a similar effect on your body to smoking four cigarettes. Cyclists are sensible enough not to smoke (I imagine), so it’s about time the message got through that bacon is not a healthy choice for cyclists (or anyone).

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