Why Cycle in Dumfries? Jenny’s story

In the run up to our bike breakfast we’re sharing stories of people in Dumfries who use their bikes to get around, whether they’re new riders or old hands. Here’s Jenny Finch’s story:

Since I moved into Dumfries from a rural location 9 miles out of town, I have used my bike so much more than I used to. My confidence on the roads has steadily improved, as I have found new routes to the places around town I visit regularly. Wherever possible I use dedicated cycle lanes, and choose quiet roads where cycle paths are not available. I particularly love my cycle to work at Dumfries and Galloway College, along the river at Whitesands, through Castledykes Park and the Crichton grounds. My journey to work always feels more like a holiday than a commute. My shopping habits have changed, instead of taking the car to the supermarket, I love to hop on my bike and just pick up a few items as I need them. Living in town means I shop little and often, which means less food waste in our house.

I would certainly encourage anyone who is considering using their bike more around town to start with a few short rides on the cycle paths around Dumfries, I have been surprised at how quickly my fitness  and confidence have improved. I always make sure I wear a helmet, bright clothing or a high viz jacket, and have working lights if I am likely to be out after dark.

If like Jenny you want to find more quiet routes, you can pick up the excellent GoSmart Map from various places around town (and from us if you come along next Friday


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