New Buddies


Buddies in Glasgow
Buddies members in Glasgow

One of the more unexpected outcomes of our Bike Message Challenge was being contacted by Buddies, a social enterprise supporting adults with learning disabilities, who had signed up to try the challenge as one of their members had a trike.

freewheel north circuit
Circuit at Freewheel North

Since then they have received funding to buy bikes and get all of their members active – including independent cycling if that’s going to be possible. We’ve been helping them get to grips with the best bikes to buy and how best to get everyone on two, three, or four wheels, depending on what suits them best.

trying out a trike
Trying out a trike

As part of this, on Thursday a joint delegation of Buddies members and staff and Cycling Dumfries members headed up to Freewheel North’s circuit in Glasgow to try out balance bikes, quad bikes, trikes and regular pedal bikes. The staff there were excellent at encouraging members to try different options and pretty much everyone surprised themselves by what they managed to do.

side-by-side trike
Sociable cycling! A side-by-side trike

After over an hour of cycling – not to mention walking to and from the station to Glasgow Green – we definitely felt we’d all earned an ice cream.

ice cream stop

Next week, we’ll go back to learn a bit more about how we can support the Buddies in cycling in Dumfries. Hopefully we’ll have at least two of them showing up for our Bike Breakfast too.


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