Why Cycle in Dumfries? Jill’s story

In the run up to our bike breakfast we’re sharing stories of people in Dumfries who use their bikes to get around, whether they’re new riders or old hands. Cycling Dumfries member Jill Asher kicks off:

Jill Asher

Jill admiring someone else’s puncture earlier this year on one of our winter rides

I love getting about town on my bike…  walking just seems so slow by comparison!  And I also love my panniers which make it easy to do some moderate shopping, put a jacket in, or whatever bits and bobs I need for my outing.    One day last week, I was asked to make a spur of the minute visit to someone in Troqueer.  This is right across town from where I live in Nunholm and I was there in less than 15 minutes, much to their surprise.  Certainly hardly slower than making the trip by car, and quite possibly quicker and I was able to pick up some supermarket items on the way home too.   Never any issues with parking either, which has got to be a bonus!   Check out the new bike racks at Lidl……  (just a shame they are not under cover).

Lidl Bike rack

New bike racks at Lidl (take note Tesco and Morrisons …)

(Editorial note: we agree about the racks – finally a supermarket in Dumfries that installs racks you can actually lock your bike to …)

If you ride a bike in Dumfries and have any encouragement, tips or advice for anyone thinking of starting it up – let us know! Email cyclingdumfries@gmail.com or add a message in the comments.


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One response to “Why Cycle in Dumfries? Jill’s story

  1. Alison Robertson

    Very inspirational, Jill and I didn’t know about Lidl’s bike racks. When the co op stops being a co op after Christmas that will be my shop of choice. To keep your saddle dry in an open air bike rack, or anywhere else, a shower cap makes a good saddle cover.

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