Ending as we began on the last summer ride

caravans with bikes

We thought these might be people coming to join us, but they stayed firmly in their caravan watching the rain!

It’s been quite a summer – we started our season with our bike curious event in the pouring rain – and we’ve had a few damp ones since – but nothing quite like Saturday’s weather which was monsoon like from the start.

ready to ride

Dressed for the weather and ready for anything

To be honest, we weren’t really expecting anyone to turn out, but it takes more than a little water coming out of the sky to put off Kat and her kids so – wondering slightly if we were all a bit mad – we decided to set off for Mabie Forest, come what may.

Suspension Brae

Heather conquering Suspension Brae!

As we were a bit sick of walking over the Buccleuch St. Bridge, we decided to walk over the suspension bridge instead and then see how far we could get up Suspension Brae without stopping – well done to Heather for getting up there in one go! Sandy might have made it if his foot hadn’t slipped off the pedal too.

After that, we more or less forgot the rain and had a very enjoyable ride – the rain meant there were no cars on the road near Mabie Farm Park, and we were soon warm enough to lose half our waterproof layers and just embrace a bit of summer weather.

sawmill shelter

An improvised bike stand and some welcome shelter at Mabie Forest

We even had a bit of shelter at Mabie Forest while John fixed the inevitable puncture (it never rains but it pours …)


Fortunately there were plenty of brownies to share.

And by the time we were ready to ride home, the rain had (almost) stopped – and the sun even came out!

final group photo

Ready for the ride home

That’s it for our summer rides – thanks to everyone who came and made them such enjoyable afternoons, whatever the weather. If you’ve got challenge cards with stamps, then please do send them in to get your certificate – although you’ll have tough competition from Heather and Sandy on the distance cycled…



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2 responses to “Ending as we began on the last summer ride

  1. Steven Cussell

    Rain is as rain does. 🙂

    Sent from Steve Cussell

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