Who needs YouthBeatz? Our seventh summer ride

OK, perhaps we couldn’t quite rival the attractions of Dumfries’s premier youth music event (or the lure of the Olympics) but we still had a healthy turnout of nine for Saturday’s ride (and it might have been ten if one person hadn’t got the dates muddled and attempted to meet us at Mabie forest – which is where we’re going next week …)

heathall track
Kids, large and small, enjoying the challenge of the track

Heathhall Forest isn’t quite the 7 Stanes, but it does have the skills track, and while we try and pretend this is all for the sake of the children, it seems some of the adults enjoy the chance to go bombing round the bumps and gravel of the track, whatever bike they may be riding.

After meeting across the road from Dock Park we made our usual way over to the Maxwelltown cycleway and then joined the Caledonian cycleway for a fairly easy pedal up to Heathhall. Once we’d reached the track entrance, there was some debate as to whether a circuit was needed first before trying out the home baking – or if we should go for the treats early. In the end, wiser heads prevailed and we agreed to do both (fortunately there was plenty to go round)

group photo
And no, I have no idea what the joke was here, but everyone seems to be enjoying it

Indeed, it was quite hard to drag some people away for the traditional group shot – or a final fortifying biscuit before the ride home.

All in all, another fun day for all participants – and don’t forget that the next one is the last one and we’ll be riding out to Mabie Forest for our grand finale!


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