Smoke and Sirens on our sixth summer ride

Don’t worry – we weren’t in any danger ourselves, but we did have a bit more excitement than we’d bargained for this afternoon after a car caught fire on the nearby A75 just as we’d climbed our way to the top of the Glen Road.

bench stop
Pausing at the bench for flapjacks and to admire the view

As we were a smallish group – nine riders, three under twelve – we had decided to extend the ride – after a brief pause at the normal bench stop for coconut flapjacks –  and carry on right on to the top where we paused to forage for wild raspberries, hunt Pokemon (they’re everywhere, apparently), and take our celebratory group shot.

group photo
Celebratory group shot at the top – just before all the excitement started

We  noticed smoke coming from the dual carriageway on the other side of the hedge further along the road. An advance party went to investigate and found a car on fire – fortunately all the occupants were safely out of it. Once we were sure that the fire brigade and other emergency services were on their way, we decided to retreat back down the hill in case the fire got any worse. This meant our whizz down the hill – which is usually exhilarating enough on its own – was enlivened by the sound of sirens as the fire brigade roared to the rescue.

Then it was just a matter of ‘finding a gap in the traffic‘ at the Garroch Loaning – as the council continues to insist is a perfectly acceptable way of crossing a 60mph road. with very poor sightlines because of the viaduct, to get to a brand new hospital. But apparently there’s no need for a crossing here…

Waiting for a gap in the traffic
Waiting for a gap in the traffic on the Garroch Loaning

That negotiated, it was a pleasure to rejoin the Maxwelltown Path back to the Whitesands and discovering how far we’d actually ridden, with the extra jaunt up the hill added in.  A grand total of 11 miles – equal to the Mabie Forest ride. It’s amazing how far you can cycle even with little legs …

curious cows
making friends with some curious cows

All in all – despite the alarms and incursions – another great day out for all concerned.


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