Dumfries High School link opens! Well, sort of …

We were doing a bit of a recce for our Candidates’ Cycle Ride next week and went to check out our old friend the half-a-path that connects the Dumfries High School to, well, the back of Dumfries High School:

end of the path

This has been how the Dumfries High School path has ended for years…

Imagine our surprise to find …

new housing

It now leads to some new housing. Hooray! That’s only taken six years since the first half of the path was built at public expense. But could we get to the Caledonian Cycleway? After a brief detour that ended up at the edge of a building site we were directed to another tract of new housing where we were told we would be able to join the cycle path – but it didn’t look good. Had we come to a dead end?

dead end?

End of the road?

Not quite!

gap by the fence

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Once we’d squeezed past the fence (and we clearly weren’t the first to do so) we found a nice piece of ‘filtered permeability’ (that’s ‘a short cut’ in English) that eventually took us to the Caledonian cycle path


If you ignore the toppled fence, this is a handy shortcut to the Caledonian cycleway

There’s a lot more building to go, so it’s probably not a sensible route for school kids just yet, but it’s good to know that the path will finally lead somewhere, linking up houses in Heathhall and the surrounding area into the school without kids having to brave the Moffat Road. It’s just a shame a whole generation of High School students will have come and gone while we’ve been waiting.

And on the way home, we found an old friend

I think that traffic cone has now been in situ longer than the bollard it was ‘temporarily’ replacing.  Imagine if they built and maintained roads the way they do cycle paths…

Something for our Scottish Parliament candidates to ponder on their ride on Tuesday.

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