Join your Politicians on Two Wheels!


Cycling Dumfries is a supporter of We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote – the umbrella campaign for walking, cycling and health organisations during this election.

It’s election time again and we’ll be continuing in our tradition of getting our candidates onto bikes to see and understand the issues facing cyclists for themselves. We did this for the council elections back in 2012 – and again last year for the parliamentary elections.

This year, it’s the Scottish Parliament elections – and it’s important that all of our representatives, whatever their party, understand the importance of walking and cycling and how the decisions they take in Holyrood can make a difference to cyclists (and those who’d like to cycle) in Dumfries.

Join us – and hopefully at least one candidate from each party – at 4:30pm at Dock Park on Tuesday 26th April for a short tour of some of the key points that can make the difference for cycling and walking in the area – and, more importantly, make Dumfries a nicer and healthier place to live and work.

Politicians on the ride

Taking Westminster candidates out on bikes last year to show them the issues with the hospital route

The whole ride will last about an hour but will not be an athletic affair – there will be plenty of stops and the pace will be gentle. Normal dress is fine – and if our political friends want to borrow a bike we will do our best to arrange something.

Whether or not you can make it yourself please do drop your candidates a line to let them know what you’d like to see the Scottish Government do for walking and cycling – you can find out more about where they stand via We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote.


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