More Sunshine!

Rhian and Tom at the reserve

Double our usual turnout! Rhian and Tom looking very colour co-ordinated too…

Well today was another of the sort of Sundays we had in mind when we started this ‘Any Fine Sunday‘ lark – and we were rewarded by a doubling of our normal turnout, even if that does mean going from just one to two (plus your intrepid ride leader of course) …  It was also a relief that the day’s statutory mechanical issue (a chain falling off) wasn’t an issue with my bike for once – and it was warm enough standing in the sun that we didn’t mind the pause while it was sorted out.

Kirkconnell Flow

Kirkconnell Flow – unfortunately we weren’t shod for exploring further on foot …

We decided on a different destination from our usual rides. Kirkconnell Flow is a national nature reserve and a bit of a hidden gem – a lowland peat bog (a ‘raised estuarine bog’ actually, apparently) tucked away inside a fringe of trees. The Maxwelltown Path and the new Mabie Forest route provides a low-stress traffic-free route for most of the way out, with just the quiet road past Mabie Farm Park (where there was also no traffic!) and then a short stretch on the New Abbey Road before the Kirkconnell turnoff.

Top of the hill

Bit of a climb over the hill past the turn off to Islesteps – fortunately taking photographs gives you a chance to catch your breath…

Heading back, we decided to vary the route by continuing along the New Abbey Road a little further before turning left up the road that goes past Islesteps and then on to Cargenbridge and into Dumfries where we parted ways (you can see the route here – about 13 miles in all).

All in all a very pleasant ride out, and we probably saw more bicycles than cars, which makes a change! And maybe next week we will double our turnout again …


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