Hang on, this isn’t Caerlaverock!

Top of Speddoch

Where’s the view?

The good thing about only having two people show up for a ride is you get to decide where you want to go – and if the ride down to Caerlaverock and back via Bankend just feels a bit too familiar then you can decide to do the Speddoch Loop instead. This is a cracking ride if you don’t mind a little bit of a climb: out along the Maxwelltown Path to Cargenbridge, up the Glen Road, past Shawhead to the reservoir, and then up and over the hill for the long descent down towards Barbuie.

Rain, a headwind and freezing toes notwithstanding, it was worth it for the swooping descent with the wind at our backs. If only there was a handy cafe at the top, we’d probably go round Speddoch every week…

Tomorrow the forecast looks better, so if anyone fancies a ride, meet Rhian at Dock Park at 11 for another magical mystery tour

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