A sunny Sunday at last

Finally! After rain, gales, snow, ice and combinations thereof, yesterday actually dawned fine and clear and while it was frosty, the roads were dry so there was no ice to contend with. Time to see if anyone else was up for a bike ride

As it happened, just the two of us were (well, it was Valentine’s Day, so some people were otherwise engaged). This may have been fortunate as we had a little mechanical issue to overcome first

This proved a useful refresher in how to sort out a flat tyre (top tip: make sure your spare inner tube doesn’t also have a puncture, and don’t rip the new tube trying to get your supposedly puncture-proof tyres back on). Thanks to the mechanic at Halfords (sadly Mark Cavendish was busy fixing someone else’s flat tyre) we got on the road a little later than we’d intended …

But the sun stayed out, the roads were dry, and we decided to head out via the Maxwelltown Path to the Glen Road and then by back roads to the reservoir near Shawhead. We didn’t make it all the way over the Speddoch loop but we definitely felt we’d earned our lunch!

In total about 20 miles of riding – and a great way to celebrate the return of the sun.

On Saturday it will be the third of our winter rides – a fairly gentle spin out to Caerlaverock, whether the castle or the wetland centre. And maybe a fine Sunday will follow as well … We hope to see you there



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