We want your Bikes!

Environment fair stand

Our stand at the Enviroment Fair – in the past

Can you help? We’re taking part in the Environment Fair on Saturday 19th March and we want to use it as an occasion to show off the options for practical bikes that do more than just getting you from A to B. In particular we want to give people the chance to see how a bike can be used to carry children, do the shopping – or even act as a mobility aid.

If you have any child seats, tagalongs, trailers, tandems or other family bike options, or if you have a bike that has been adapted in some way to meet the needs of someone with a disability, or if you have any other kind of unusual bike that fills a practical need whatever that might be – then we would like your help. Would you be willing to lend it to us for the day, or even come along and show it off in person? It’s a chance to show people that bikes aren’t just for riding round in a big circle on a nice day (wonderful as that is) but that they can be a real alternative to the car.

If you can help then please email us on cyclingdumfries@gmail.com or ring 01387 730704 and ask to speak to Sally



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