Seize the Day

To be honest, Sunday’s weather wasn’t exactly ‘fine’ by any means – but the rain did stop so we decided to give our ‘any fine Sunday‘ idea a go anyway

That might explain why in the end it was just the two of us who turned up – but it was enough for a start!

ready to ride
Ready for anything…

We decided to take it easy and head along the Maxwelltown Path (so easy, in fact, that a jogger who had left Dock Park as we were about to start, had reached Cargenbridge before we did although in our defence, he took the direct route and we were stopping to take photographs of the flooding along the way)

admiring the floods
Admiring the flooding from the Maxwelltown Path.

There was a bit of a headwind on the way out (all the better for flying home on) but hot chocolate and coffee at Kilnford Barns soon thawed us out. Yes, it wasn’t the longest ride in the world – but it was longer than anyone who stayed at home on the sofa …

This Saturday is our next winter ride and it goes ahead come rain or shine. And after that, keep an eye on the forecast and see if you can’t seize the moment next time the rain relents…


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