Cycling Dumfries

Winter wonderland by bike

A wintry lane

It seems a bit premature to mention winter when we are still enjoying the autumn colours and mild weather, but this year’s Winter Rides are back by popular demand.

They are longer than our summer rides, anywhere between 20 and 25 miles, so are suitable for people who feel up to the challenge. As with all our rides, we happily go at the speed of the slowest, and if anyone wants to stop and ‘admire the view’ at the top of any hills, they should feel free.

Be prepared for the elements – these are Winter Rides after all – and bring cash for a lunch or coffee stop which is planned it to every route. The rides will go ahead regardless of the weather unless, in the opinion of the ride leader it would be unsafe or no fun.

The rides take place on the third Saturday of the month starting from the St Michael’s Bridge entrance to Dock Park at 10am. The programme is as follows and we are sticking to our tried and tested routes from previous years:

There will be no ride during December as many people are enjoying the festivities, but we shall continue through to March, when hopefully there will be lambs gambolling in the fields and daffodils bobbing their heads at us . . .

These jaunts are a reminder of how we can continue to enjoy the area by bike, even in winter, when many think there are no riding days to be had.