A look back and an AGM

It’s been a fantastic and busy summer at Cycling Dumfries and we wanted to mark it with a change to our normal practice for our AGM. Rather than meet in the pub as usual we’d like to invite all our members to join us for a meal at the Jewel in the Crown  on St Michael’s St., Dumfries at 7pm on Friday 2nd October.

kidical massive
Gathering at the start of the Kidical Massive ride

We’ve had record turnouts for both our family rides, as well as our latest bike breakfast, and joined families all around the world on last weekend’s Kidical MASSive.

Politicians on the ride
Taking Westminster candidates out on bikes to show them the issues with the hospital route

We’ve also been busy in other ways, meeting politicians and candidates during the electoral campaign, and keeping the pressure on about routes to the new hospital – while not forgetting the need for safe routes to schools for all kids.

Martha Kearney
Bike portrait: Martha Kearney – Portrait by Alison Boyes (c) 2015

We’ve been working to build more of a community of cyclists – whether they’re members or not – through our breakfast meetups and our bike portraits (more to come of those by the way – cycling doesn’t stop just because summer has gone). We had a busy stand at the Environment Fair and Dock Park fun day – all helping to spread the word about us and our work, and also to encourage more people to get on their bikes and discover the best way to get around in Dumfries can be on two wheels.

kids crossing the bridge
Let’s make the whole of Dumfries a place where children like these can cycle as safely as they are here

If you think what we do is important, then please join us – it only costs £5 and you can pay on line, in cheque, or in person if you show up on Friday.

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