Things falling into place for our Big Bike Breakfast

Bike Breakfast poster
Bike Breakfast poster – click for printable one if you’d like to put one up

(Well, we say ‘falling into place’ – but what that actually means is ‘thanks to the tireless efforts of Rosie Rutherford’ who has singlehandedly organised everything …)

As summer finally seems to be here – about three months late – it’s fingers crossed that the weather will hold until our Big Bike Breakfast on the 18th September! We’ve had massively generous support from local organisations and businesses, including Greystone Rovers who are lending us their mobile kitchen, JB Houston who have donated enough bacon to feed and army of hungry cyclists, the Little  Bakery who are donating the rolls, Morrison’s supermarket who have provided vouchers for other expenses – and of course the Council who are once more clearing out the car parking spaces of their biggest bigwigs to make room for bikes. We hope also to have the police along to do bike marking and someone who can do a bit of on-the-spot bike maintenance and safety checks.

So now all we need is you! And we need you to spread the word:

  • share our Facebook event and invite anyone you think might be interested
  • print out our poster or share the image over social media or by email
  • tell the people you work with or go to school or college with – and maybe encourage them to use it as an excuse to try cycling if they’ve been thinking about it (perhaps the fact that there will be resurfacing work on the bypass again, starting at 7pm that evening is the trigger they need…)
  • Join us flyering or chalking in the run up to the event – let us know on cyclingdumfries AT gmail DOT com if you can help out
  • Or just turn up on the day!

Don’t forget also that the next day – Saturday 19th September we’ll be holding Kidical Massive which is shaping up to be a brilliant day – and part of a global movement of kids on bikes, having fun … what, at the end of the day, could be better than that?


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