Start on a Friday…

Start on a Friday

New website with advice on cycling to work for cyclists by cyclists

This site has been mentioned on Twitter and Facebook before, but it’s worth sharing here. It came out of various discussion on the City Cycling Edinburgh forum about what had got people started cycling to work and how they got on. One of the things that was striking was how many people thought about cycling for ages – often years – before they took the plunge. Once they did they couldn’t understand what had taken them so long!

It’s a bit Edinburgh-centric, especially the routes, but much of the advice and information could equally apply in Dumfries. So if you know someone who’s been talking about cycling to work for ages and just not taken that first fateful step – or indeed if you are that person – then have a look.

It’s called ‘start on a Friday’ because starting at the end of the week means you’ve got the weekend to recover (should you need to). And if you’re in Dumfries you do decide to start this Friday there’s the added bonus of the last of our commuting cyclist meetups as an extra incentive. Swing by BJ’s snack bar on Terregles Street between 7 and 9am and meet some of your fellow commuters for a hot roll, a chat, and a chance to share tips. And if it’s your first time, we might even buy you a drink…



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