Bumps and Broken Biscuits on our 7th Summer ride

Well, after all the mechanical incidents of the last weeks we nearly had a disaster this afternoon – the tin of biscuits got dropped before we’d even set off for Heathhall … fortunately enough were rescued unscathed so that all 15 participants could enjoy their fill.

group photo
Gathered at the dirt track after a good few circuits

But first there was the small matter of the ride itself. We’d already done the Caledonian cyclepath before but this time we peeled off at Heathhall and made our way on the through the woods to the off road track. Once there we had to have a go – several goes in some cases – even those on somewhat unsuitable road bikes …

lined up
Lined up at the old runway

We then made our way on through the woods to come out by the Aviation Museum and the old runway for another group shot – and then it’s just too tempting not to have a (not a) drag race all the way down to the end …

not a race

We headed back via the Heathhall road (which can be a wee bit busy and fast but was okay with the group) and then back onto the Caledonian Cyclepath and home.

Sadly, next week will be the last of our summer rides – but it should be a good one, heading out to Mabie Forest as we did last year. It’s a good 11 miles round trip – but with all the miles we’ve got under our belts this summer, we’re sure everyone will manage just fine.

And the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of all the fun – in September, not only will we be once again hosting our Big Bike Breakfast on Friday the 18th, but we’re also taking part in the global Kidical Massive on Saturday 19th – which will be a repeat of today’s route – just hopefully without the baked-goods related disasters…

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