Hill climbs and views on our sixth summer ride

We had another big turnout for this afternoon’s ride – a total of 20 riders in all, not bad considering that some of our regular attendees had been seduced away by the delights of Youth Beatz this weekend. The Orange bikes have continued to give us problems, but we had arranged alternatives – thanks to Sustrans and the Queen Street project – so we had a couple of smart mountain bikes to lend out this time (perhaps a bit easier to manage up the hills than the orange bikes)

After a little TLC and first aid to a rear wheel we managed without a mechanical incident too – an improvement on the last few weeks! In fact it was a remarkably trouble free run out to the end of the Maxwelltown Path, where the only complaint was that the pace was too slow.

maxwelltown path

Gathered at the end of the Maxwelltown Path

Once we had crossed the Garroch Loaning (thanks to the driver who stopped to let the last of the group through) and onto the Glen Road the group stretched out a bit – it’s a not inconsiderable hill to climb up to the ‘bench with a view’ and the thing about hills is that you have to tackle them at your own pace. A couple of faster riders pressed on ahead, while others took advantage of the fact that you can always get off and push if you have to – and there’s no shame in that.

at the bench

Enjoying the view (and some refreshments) at the bench half way up the hill (and you have to love a polka-dot bike!)

Fortified with treacle and ginger flapjacks, an advance party pressed on to the top of the climb – and in fact everyone in the group managed the extended route eventually, so chapeau to all concerned.

At the top of the hill

At the top of the hill – and ready for the ride down

And then we had the reward of a lovely downhill run home. What goes up, must come down!


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