Mechanicals and Magic on our fifth summer ride

We’ve been very lucky (touch wood) with the weather so far this summer – despite not being a great summer overall, our Saturday afternoon rides have at least been dry and even sunny – but we seem to be paying for it with mechanical breakdowns instead. This week we had not only an errant chain – which was easily fixed – but a valve coming off an inner tube just as we stopped by the rhinos at Lincluden.

waiting for repairs
Waiting for the repair crew to sort out the latest mechanical issue…

Fortunately someone had a spare, and so all 17 of us made it to the 12 Apostles, another one of Dumfries’s ‘secret’ historical sites. Unlike better known stone circles, this one just sits quietly in a field and there’s no problem appropriating one of the stones for our group photo

group photo
“Say bicycles!”

As the adults stood around setting the world to rights, the children had a chance to run around the stones, fuelled by coconut macaroons and other treats.

on one of the 12 Apostles

And we could enjoy not just a bit of history but some of the wildlife that is so abundant around here.

Harebells (Scottish bluebells) growing on the ancient stones

Not only that but we found a route back that didn’t involve climbing up the steep hill we had come down on the way there. That really is magic of a higher order … perhaps the influence of these ancient stones. If only it lasts long enough to ward off any more mechanical problems on next week’s ride.


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